A Powerful Witchcraft Spell to Bring You Money and Wealth

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A Powerful and Simple Witchcraft Spell to Attract Money and Wealth

This easy, yet powerful, witchcraft spell is used to improve your financial situation. It will help bring money to your business. If you are a waiter, it will make customers give you bigger tips. If you are a salesman, you will obtain greater commissions. It is a spell that will help you obtain extra money for your needs.

You will need: Barberry Bark, Salt, a Small Red Drawstring Bag, Red Clover Herb, John the Conqueror Root, Success Oil, Green Jumbo Candle and High John the Conqueror Incense.

This spell will take approximately 7 days to cast.

First you will need to boil a pint of water in a pot. After the water boils, remove the pot from the heat and add a teaspoon of Barberry Bark and a teaspoon of salt. Cover the mixture and let it cool. Place the spell potion in a glass jar or bottle with a tight lid and place it in a dark place for a week.  After a week, strain the bottle and recap the mixture. The magick potion is now ready to use.

Place the High John the Conqueror Root and Red Clover in the red bag. Tie the bag shut. Every day, for seven days, sprinkle the money drawing mojo bag with 7 drops of the Success Oil.  Keep this mojo bag with you.  Hide it in your place of business, your pocket or your purse.

Every morning, take some of the magickal sprinkling water and sprinkle a few drops in the aisles and in the corners of your business. If you are a salesman or waiter, sprinkle the potion only in your individual work station. If you are an online business, sprinkle the water around your computer and work area. If you are a mail order business, sprinkle the water around the area where you receive your mail.

Every morning, burn the green candle and light some of the High John the Conqueror Incense for 15 minutes. Do this before you begin your work day.

You will begin to see results very soon. This is a very effective and easy to cast money drawing witchcraft spell.

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