How to Cast a Voodoo Love Spell Using a Red Image Candle

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Red Image Candles are Powerful for Drawing Love

Image Candles are similar to voodoo dolls as they are shaped in a person’s image. Red image candles are very potent in drawing love to you. These candles are available in either male or female styles.

What You Will Need:

Red Image Candle, either male or female, depending on your target
Love Drawing occult oil
Parchment Paper
Love Drawing Incense

How to Cast the Spell:

Purchase a red image candle in the sex of your intended target. You can purchase these candles at any occult supply shop. They are available online as well.

Cleanse the candle before using with mineral oil, baby oil or lemon scented furniture polish. Dry the candle with a polishing cloth.

Next you will dress the candle with your love drawing oil. Almost any kind of love drawing oil will work with this spell. Many people prefer to use Come to Me or Return to Me oil. Anoint the candle with the oil from the bottom up to the top while visualizing your desired result. If you desire a particular person, imagine them coming to you.

Write the name of the person you desire on the parchment paper. Dab a bit of the love drawing oil on the paper and place the paper under the candle. If you don’t have a piece of parchment paper, you can use a torn piece of a brown grocery bag or even carve the name of the person into the side of the candle.

Light the love drawing incense and place the incense burner next to the candle. Light the candle. Do not use a match during a hoodoo ritual; use only a butane later or another candle to light the image candle. Using a match can bring unwanted evil entities into your home.

Visualize your desire outcome while the candle and incense are burning. Picture yourself receiving the lover you desire. Sit in quiet contemplation. When the candle is consumed, the love drawing hoodoo ritual is complete.


•You can do this spell in one night or over a series of nights.
•Never leave a lit candle unattended; if you can’t be right there, put it out and resume the ritual the following night.

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