How to Cast a Witchcraft Spell to Get Rid of Your Enemy

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A Powerful Voodoo Spell to Get Rid of Your Enemy

Use this spell to remove a troublesome person from your life.

Black Magic Supplies Needed:

Black Cloth Voodoo Doll
Parchment Paper
Crossing Powder
Purple Candle
White Piece of Cloth (I use a square of felt)
Piece of String or Yarn

Spell Instructions:

Write your spell objective on the parchment paper For example: “I want Bill out of my life” or “I want Susan to get fired from her job.”

Make a small incision in the seam of the voodoo doll. Place the paper inside the slit. Sprinkle the Crossing Powder on the voodoo doll; rub it in real well. Light the purple candle and hold it over the doll until several drops of wax fall on it.

Tie the string around the waist of the doll and draw it tight, while chanting, “Get Out of my life! Go away from me!” Place the doll on the ground and kick it all the way to your front door. After you have kicked the doll to the door, wrap it in the white cloth. Put it away in an area where no one will see it or touch it. Put out the candle. Every day, for 9 days, repeat this black magic ritual.

On the 10th night, burn the doll (don’t do this on your own property). Dispose of the ashes by throwing them in a stream of water or tossing on your enemy’s property or workplace.

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