How to Make a Powerful Money Drawing Hoodoo Voodoo Mojo Bag

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A Money Drawing Mojo Bag Will Reverse Your Financial Bad Luck!

If you have been having bad luck financially, a money drawing mojo bag will help you!

Things You’ll Need:

Small Cloth Bag with Drawstring
John the Conqueror Root
Small Green Feather
Green or Natural Magnetic Lodestone
Gold Magnetic Sand
Five Finger Grass
Money Drawing Oil
Dollar Bill
Green Candle
Money Drawing Incense
Money Drawing Bath Herbs or Bath Salts


To make a genuine Southern money drawing mojo bag, you need to assemble all of the ingredients on your altar or work area. Before beginning the mojo bag hoodoo ritual, bathe with the money drawing bath herb or salts to cleanse yourself. Anoint the green candle with the money drawing oil. Light the green candle and the money drawing incense.

Anoint each of the items with a dab of the Money Drawing oil. Hold each of the items in your hand while visualizing how much money you need and how receiving that money will make your life better. Imagine that you already have the money and see yourself spending it on nice things that will make you happy.

Wrap the dollar bill around the buckeye. Anoint with the money drawing oil. Place in the bag.

Place all of the remaining items in the bag and tie shut. Anoint the bag with some of the money drawing oil. Pass the bag through the smoke of the money drawing incense to consecrate it.

Carry the bag close to your body and do not let anyone see or touch it. Every week, sprinkle a few drops of the Money Drawing oil onto the bag to charge it and keep it working.

All of the charms needed for this mojo bag have powerful money drawing properties. Mojo Bags should always have an odd number of ingredients, so if you can’t find one of the items, eliminate two of them so you will have either 3, 5, 7, or 9 different charms in the bag.

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