How to Make an Old Southern-Style Voodoo Gambler’s Mojo Bag

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An Easy to Cast Spell for Gambling Wins!

Anyone that enjoys gambling should always carry one of these amazing gambler’s charm bags with them whenever they play their favorite games of chance. This particular gambler’s mojo bag is easy to make and very potent. It uses just a few, easy-to-obtain magical ingredients that are available online or in most spiritual supply stores or witchcraft botanicas. This is a great first spell to cast if you are new to magic. It has just a few steps to follow and you will end up with a great money drawing talisman!

Ingredients Needed:

  • (1) Red Mojo Bag
  • (2) Southern John the Conqueror Root (Trillium Root)
  • (1) Bottle of Lucky Dog Oil

Simply place the Southern John the Conqueror (Trillium) roots in the red mojo bag and anoint it with seven drops of the Lucky Dog Oil.  Every week, “feed” the mojo bag by adding another 7 drops of the Lucky Dog Oil to it.

That’s it! What could be easier?

Carry this lucky magical mojo bag with you whenever you go to the casino, slots, a card game, racetrack, or the bingo hall.

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