How to Use Voodoo Dolls in Black Magic Witchcraft Spells

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Voodoo Dolls Are a Powerful Witchcraft Tool For Use in Black Magic Spells

The use and folklore of Voodoo dolls is a fascinating subject.  Voodoo dolls hold a legendary place in the lore of black magic spells.  Voodoo dolls can bring fabulous rewards to those who believe in their incredible powers. Voodoo dolls can help enrich your life and solve your problems.  Voodoo dolls can be used for white magick and love magick, but the majority of Voodoo dolls are used in hate and revenge witchcraft spells.

What is a Voodoo Doll?

A Voodoo doll is an effigy that represents the life force and spirit of a certain person.  The Voodoo doll can represent you (in white magic spells) or another person.  A Voodoo practitioner names the Voodoo doll for the target of the spell.  The named Voodoo doll is then used as a focusing tool for the Voodoo practitioner. Voodoo dolls utilize a magickal system known as sympathetic magick.

Voodoo dolls can be made of many materials including felt, cloth, straw, paper or wax. If the Voodoo practitioner has access to a piece of clothing from the victim, the doll can be made out of the clothes.  The material of the Voodoo doll doesn’t matter too much; the magick of the Voodoo doll comes from the power that the Voodoo practitioner infuses into it.

A Voodoo doll often uses symbolic colors. Green Voodoo dolls are used in witchcraft money spells; red Voodoo dolls are used in love spells. Of course, black Voodoo dolls are used in black magic spells.

It helps to have something personal from your target to personalize your voodoo doll with.  If you have a photograph of the mark or a small piece of his clothing, glue it onto the Voodoo doll. If you manage to harvest a few of their hairs from a brush, cut a small slit into the side of your Voodoo doll and insert the hairs.

Casting a Black Magic Voodoo Spell

You can cast the Voodoo spell yourself or pay a Voodoo practitioner to perform the black arts ritual.  If you want to cast the spell yourself, you will need to gather up some ritual supplies from an occult shop.  Spell supplies can be purchased at a New Age store or from an online retailer.

First you will need to select an appropriate Voodoo spell for your objective. There are thousands of free witchcraft and voodoo spells online or you can purchase a Voodoo spellbook from your local book store. Find a Voodoo spell that you will be comfortable casting. You can also cast a witchcraft spell that you’ve created yourself.

Most Voodoo Doll Spells Call For The Following Occult Supplies

A Voodoo Doll – if you are casting a black magic spell, get a black Voodoo doll

Pins and Needles

A Name Tag (I usually use a small square of parchment paper)

A Piece of String or Yarn

A Chant (you can find a black magic spell chant online or in withcraft spellbooks, but it is better if you come up with a personal chant written by you – A spell chant can be as simple as yelling an obscenity or screaming, “(Target’s Name) BE DAMNED! BE DAMNED!”  You can also make a chant more personal by including private details. A chant will help you focus your energies in the Voodoo spell.

Spell specific Voodoo Powders, Incense and Oils (use the type of witchcraft oils, incense and powders that the spell calls for)


A Piece of Cloth to Wrap Your Voodoo Doll In

An altar or work area (this can be as simple as a card table or your kitchen table) to perform the Voodoo spell on.

General Voodoo Doll Spell Directions

Set up some incense and light it on your witchcraft altar. The incense will provide the proper occult vibrations for your Voodoo spellwork.

Light some black candles and set them on your Voodoo altar.

Write the name of your target on the name tag and pin or glue it to the Voodoo doll.

Sprinkle the Voodoo doll with an occult powder. Crossing powder or Black Arts powder is a good choice for a black magic voodoo spell. Rub the powder into the Voodoo doll well.

Sprinkle a few drops of the black magic spell oil onto your Voodoo doll.  Use an occult oil like Black Arts Oil or Damnation Oil for black magic Voodoo spells.

Take the string or yarn and tie it around the waist of your Voodoo doll. Pull the cord tight and yell out your chant. Put a lot of feeling and emotion into your Voodoo chanting. Scream out your chant a total of 7 times.

Wrap your Voodoo Doll in the cloth and hide it. Never let anyone touch or see your Voodoo doll.  Don’t tell anyone about your Voodoo spell.  Extinguish your candles and incense.  Place all of your spell supplies in a hidden place.

Perform this ritual a total of 9 times. The spell will then be cast.

After the spell is complete, you can burn or bury your Voodoo doll.

There are many Voodoo spells that call for different methods of spellcasting. However, I find the above spell is a very powerful way of casting your Voodoo spell. You can add to the potency of the spell by personalizing it with your choice of spell oils and supplies.

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