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Candles On Your Grave Black Magic Witchcraft Spell

The Candles of Your Grave Voodoo Spell is Used to Hex Your Enemy

This is a black magic spell that can cause terrible misfortune to your victim. This is a very effective hexing spell. It is better to find an old and quiet country graveyard to avoid detection. This powerful black magic spell is not for the faint of heart.

You’ll need:

3 Black Candles
Oil of Confusion
Black Arts Incense
A Fire safe Bowl
A Nail

Go to the graveyard and find a freshly dug grave. Place some of the earth from the grave in the bowl. Light some of the incense on top of the dirt in the bowl. Place the bowl of incense on the grave. Scratch the name of your enemy in the side of each candle with a nail. Annoit the candles with the Oil of Confusion. Continue reading