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How to Make Authentic Louisiana Van Van Hoodoo Voodoo Oil

Van Van Oil is Used in Witchcraft Love Rituals

Van Van oil is used in many Voodoo and hoodoo rituals. This oil is used in rituals to draw love. It is used in wishing spells to obtain a secret desire. It can be used in any candle ritual and works especially well on 7 knob white wishing candles. It can be used to uncross someone from a hex or curse. It can be rubbed on charms, mojo bags and talismans to increase their power.

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to make your own powerful Van Van oil with this formula. This formula is an old New Orleans recipe that will give great results.

Things You’ll Need:

1/2 ounce glass bottle with cap
1/2 ounce Almond Oil
Lemongrass Oil
Vetivert Oil
Citronella Oil
Dried Lemongrass Leaves

How to Make Van Van Oil:

Place the Lemongrass leaves in the glass bottle. A few pinches should do. Continue reading