How to Make an Old Southern-Style Voodoo Gambler’s Mojo Bag

Anyone that enjoys gambling should always carry one of these amazing gambler’s charm bags with them whenever they play their favorite games of chance. This particular gambler’s mojo bag is easy to make and very potent. It uses just a few, easy-to-obtain magical ingredients that are available online or in … Continue reading

How to Make a Powerful Money Drawing Hoodoo Voodoo Mojo Bag

If you have been having bad luck financially, a money drawing mojo bag will help you! Things You’ll Need: Small Cloth Bag with Drawstring John the Conqueror Root Small Green Feather Green or Natural Magnetic Lodestone Gold Magnetic Sand Nutmeg Buckeye Five Finger Grass Money Drawing Oil Dollar Bill Green … Continue reading

How to Cast a Powerful Money Drawing Voodoo Spell With a 7 Knob Candle

The 7 Knobbed Ritual Candle is one of the most popular hoodoo spell candles. This candle is molded into 7 individual knobs. Every night, a knob is burned to bring about a special desire or result for the person performing the ritual. These candles are available in a variety of … Continue reading

How to Cast a Voodoo Love Spell Using a Red Image Candle

Image Candles are similar to voodoo dolls as they are shaped in a person’s image. Red image candles are very potent in drawing love to you. These candles are available in either male or female styles. What You Will Need: Red Image Candle, either male or female, depending on your … Continue reading

How to Make Authentic Louisiana Van Van Hoodoo Voodoo Oil

Van Van oil is used in many Voodoo and hoodoo rituals. This oil is used in rituals to draw love. It is used in wishing spells to obtain a secret desire. It can be used in any candle ritual and works especially well on 7 knob white wishing candles. It … Continue reading

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